Boys Varsity Baseball, varsity baseball · Summer Baseball 2021 News

With the events of the past year and one half, it has been difficult making advanced plans.

With that in mind, I want to throw oput my current plans for summer baseball 2021

Summer baseball is connected to the school in many ways but it is not a school sponsored activity. That means financing is different and we are not bussed to games – among other differences.

I know we will have one team for sure and possibly two depending on interest/commitment shown by our athletes.

School baseball ends around May 19.

We will have no formal workouts from May 19 until June 14. Beginning June 14 we will have a week of workouts and start games the next week.

During the May 19 to June 14 period I can work with kids, however, that ask me to come out and work on skills and drills.

For the summer we are currently thinking games on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and keep almost all weekends open for family time.

We do have a tournament scheduled for Bend for July 1-4.

With the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday model, our last scheduled game would then be July 22

Keep checking the website for more information in the future.