All Baseball · LHS Athlete sign ups

Hello all,

Starting next week (August 31), a student must be registered or signed up for their sports in order to be involved with any of our organized workouts.
The process:
2. Enter user name/email and password
3. If you have never done this, you may create an account right then. Save your user name and password for later registrations.
4. Sign up for all sports that your student/athlete is interested in.
5. Current physicals are required – a physical within the last 2 years on OSAA form.
6. Payment for sport is NOT required until that specific sports season. No cost to participate in this year’s OSAA season #1 (Aug 31 to December 28)
Continue reading for more detains.
Mr. Hoene and the head coaches are currently working out a schedule that would allow kids to do organized practices during “Season #1” without overlap or conflict.
The practices will be in the afternoon around 3:30 or 4:00
The newly developed OSAA calendar creates a “Season 1” from August 31 to December 28. In that season all sports are allowed to hold practices. Right now, our district is not allowing contests on our campus.
During season 1, student/athletes can participate in all of their sports. That schedule or rotation of practice days should be made public this week.
Check the link to see the entire 2020-2021 OSAA sports calendar: