Warriors News · Attention Parents and Athletes – Sport Sign ups

With the new OSAA calendar being released last week, things will be different athletically this year, which will include registering for sports.  All sports windows are open for registration in Register My Athlete at this time.  If your athletes wants to do conditioning and workouts with their coaches, beginning Aug. 31st they must be registered and will need to cleared through the athletic office.

–  You will have to register for each sport individually.

–  Log in with you login and password and register for sport 1 and log out. Log in with same log in and password for sport 2 and log out, etc.

– We will not require payment until the individual sport season occurs later in the year, but all other paperwork must be completed, including an updated physical.  This is an important note, it may not be as easy to get physicals currently, so please look into this ASAP.

We appreciate everyones patience and understanding during this time.  There are many layers with in the state guidelines for us to follow in order to get the kids back and moving.  Please make sure that your athletes are checking with their coaches to understand schedules and conditions that must be followed, etc.

We are all anxious to get things going again, but we must do our processes with fidelity and in a safe manner to protect our kids, coaches and everyone involved.

Please help us get this word out.  Share this message, post to your social media sites, etc.