All Baseball · Restrictions not lifted for school facilities and coaches

It was confirmed Thursday that the school facilities (our field house and fields included) will remain closed to students until July 1 and coaches may not do workouts with students off campus as well. As reported by Kraig Hoene, our AD, our insurance will not cover us in case of an accident , injury, or illness with this Covid situation we are in until after June 30.

It appears that other schools around the state are making similar decisions regarding these restrictions.

I am very disappointed we will not be able to get organized baseball going sooner. Some things are simply out of our control. We have a health risk, safety measures have been put in place, and we are under the authority of those who are making decisions on our behalf and for our own safety.  I encourage guys to find a safe place and get out and work out as much as you can. I will report back with any new information as I receive it.