All Baseball · Are you ready for some baseball?

Last week we got some encouraging words from the OSAA about starting up some summer sporting activities and weight workouts.

The OSAA executive director said that schools can open their campus facilities to students after the school year is over.

Our district is now checking with the Oregon Department of Education to make sure that was their intention in their earlier directives.

Here is a summary as I understand it:

+ Best case scenario: open facilities on June 10.

  • Worst case Scenario: Open June 30.
  • Middle of the road: Open June 15 or 16.

When we open, we would provide opportunities for boys to do baseball workouts through the month of June ( following appropriate safety guideliones).

We would then play up to 3 games a week against local teams for 4 weeks in July.

+ When we open, we should be in phase two as a county. Hopefully, their will be fewer restrictions put on those participating. Those phase two guidelines are being drawn up currently.

+ Until we open officially, students cannot use district facilities.

+ Until we open officially, coaches cannot coach students.

+ Students may use public parks or private facilities for their workouts.