Multiple Teams · Next steps after governor Brown’s reopen plan address

I’m certain many of you have listened to or read governor Brown’s address regarding reopening Oregon. Let me admit she, and the other authorities, had a difficult task trying to be specific as possible and yet vague enouigh to be general in covering as many special interests as possible (my special interest being young men being able to engage in baseball). After hearing her address, I still have many questions about what we can do this summer regarding baseball. My next steps will be to seek the advice of our school district authorities to see what interpretation they have on the directives laid out. I want you to understand that there is no one more eager to get out and be with my baseball dudes than me. I will do whatever I can to lobby for getting opportunities for kids to rejoin the game they love and do that very soon.

I will send out any information I get from our school district authorities as soon as I get it.