Multiple Teams · Stay sharp during this closed period

As of today (March 15) we are still restricted from “practice and contests”. Our schools and facilities are closed, but you are not restricted from working out and getting better.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Get your sleep. Get your 8-9 hours each day. It is counter-productive to stay up late and sleep in late. It is best to maintain your regular sleep routine +/- a little bit. In bed by 11:00 and up by 8:00 is much better than in bed by 3:00 am and sleep in til noon.
  2. Exercise daily. Get your heart rate up. Lift weights, do push ups, do ab work, jog, sprint, etc. Do this early in the day. “Motion creates emotion.” You mental sharpness and health will be better after a workout.
  3. Baseball specific workout:
    1. Dynamic warm up: legs, bands, arm circle.
    2. Catch play and long toss
    3. Switches
    4. Ground balls
    5. Flyballs
    6. Hit wiffle balls, softies, restricted flight balls.
    7. Get a wiffle ball or rag ball game going.
  4. Workout locations:
    1. Century Park has a turf infield and large outfield area.
    2. Google Map Christopher Columbus Park on 12th street. It has a turf infield.
    3. Bob Smith Park backstops are great for hitting wiffles or softies from side toss or front toss. Feeder feeds from backstop side and hitter stands at plate only backwards. Hit into the backstop. NEVER HIT HARD BASEBALLS AGAINST METAL FENCES OR BACKSTOPS. IT DESTROYS THE FENCING. STAY OFF THE DIRT AND GRASS IF IT IS WET AND SOFT.
    4. River Park by the Grant street bridge has a lot of space.
    5. Cheattle Lake Park has a back stop and a lot of space.
    6. As Papa T would say, “Use your imagination”

We want you to stay sharp physically and mentally. We also want you to be able to have some fun playing the game you love.