Multiple Teams · Three Goals for Everyday at the Yard

Everyday we take the field for practice or a game we will have three goals in mind:

  1. Get better as a player and a person than we were yesterday.
  2. Strive for excellence in everything we do.
    1. We are not striving for perfection – there is only one who is perfect and it is not us.
    2. We will occasionally fail, but we are driven to be our very best possible self.
  3. Add value to your team and your team mates.
    1. Show appreciation to your team mates for their contribution to the team.
    2. Encourage a team mate when they need it.
    3. Help a team mate get better at a skill or task.
    4. Be sold out to the team first concept. Others before self.
    5. Work hard. “Dig your well before you are thirsty”
    6. Be a great team mate.
    7. Be a great citizen.
    8. Work hard in school.
    9. Put in extra work.
    10. Be present. Be where your feet are.