Multiple Teams · Sons/dads in field house – Competitive drill for batting practice

This drill  comes from coach Weisberg at Birmingham Southern College Baseball

Our goal when we are free swinging is the following:

  1. Hit the ball hard- try to knock the center field fence down
  2. Be on time
  3. Be on plane
  4. Destroy  pitches in our “Yes Zone” and leave others (less than 2 strike approach)

The hitter’s task is to smash the ball to “The Big Part of the Field which is  from the left fielder to the right fielder at a launch angle that would take the ball as low as the infielder’s waist to as high as over the outfielder’s head.

This can be done on the field or in the field house cages after tee and other drill work.

3, 2, 1 Drill

The hitter starts with 3 swings

After the swing, an assessment is made on the result of the swing and a consequence is applied.

Add a swing if:

Ball is hit hard in the big part of the field at a launch angle between infielder’s waist and over the head of the outfielders.

 In cages: back net and/or top of cage right near back net.

Stay at the same number of swings if:

Ball is smoked to big part of the field no matter what the launch angle.

Example: smoking one hopper at the shortstop.

Subtract one swing if:

Weakly hit ball, foul ball, pop up, pulled ball.

When the hitter gets to zero, call for and execute a hit and run (one shot only).