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Admit it.

Most of your strikes-outs happen because of either one of two things.

1. You tried pulling a ball you had no business pulling.
2. You were trying to “NOT”strike out instead of competing to make hard contact while putting the ball in play.

Here’s a tip.

STOP trying to pull the ball when you’re behind in the count and be ready to put the ball in play and put pressure on the defense!

Understanding these two concepts will make you a better hitter at the plate.

Mastering these two concepts will keep your but in the line-up even when your swing feels off or you’re facing a pitcher who has your number.


What does it come down to?

Having the right approach.

Playing to win instead of to “NOT” lose.

How do we practice this?

We put ourselves in “game-like” situations.

Imagine this…

You step in the batter’s box KNOWING you’re going to hit the ball hard instead of hoping.

Instead of “a deer in the headlights” you execute because you’ve refined your instincts.

Instincts you’ve refined with training.

Here’s what to do.

1. Train to recognize the breaking ball and off-speed in a minimum of five simulated at-bats in gameSense over the weekend against Adam.

2. Early in the count, sit fastball, and look for the wrist action and early PT(Pitch Trajectory) out of the Adam/s hand.

3. Measure how consistent you are at recognizing the off-speed. Adam’s slide piece is LEGIT.

Be ready.

If you’re getting the off-speed WRONG inside the gameSense training, especially behind in the count, YOU’VE FOUND a weakness in your approach at the plate.

Work in it.

This summer is a perfect chance to put all of this in action.

Let’s get after it.


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