Warriors News · Softball Update

Many of you remember that last year a #15 ranked Lebanon team went to Hillsboro and beat the 2nd ranked Spartans 6-5. This year a #14 ranked Lebanon squad went to Hillsboro and lost 1-0 to the 3rd ranked Spartans. Both great games between two great programs. Super proud of the girls from both programs.

Many people in our sports community remember Hillsboro High School from our home playoff game in football 3 years ago, which is unfortunate because it is not an accurate reflection of their school or community. Over the past two years (once in defeat and once in victory) their softball program have shown us a true reflection of their kids, school and community.

Last year after a devastating loss and this year after a great victory; their kids, coaches and fans showed our girls nothing but class and respect. This how we should think about this school/community and their kids.