Warriors News · District Meets

Update: Day 1 District Wrestling .
Lebanon currently 2nd in team standings.

106 lb- Tanner Wallace is Consolation
Semi- finals.
113 lb – Rian Howard has advanced to
Championship match
120 lb – Brayden Burton and Andy
VanDetta in Consolation
126 lb- Wyatt Richardson advanced to
Championship match
132 lb – Austin Dalton advanced to
Champion ship match.
Damien Rash is in Consolation
Semi- Finals.
138 lb – Tucker Drummond is in Consolation
Semi- Finals.
160 lb – Chase Miller in Championship
182 lb – Layne Blisseck in Championship
195 lb – Jacob Jimenez is in Consolation
Semi- Finals.
220 lb – Keith Brown in Championship
Malachi Lee is in Consolation
Semi- Finals.
285 lb – Rafael Ramos and Justin Sheppard
in Consolation Semi- Finals.
All the kids in Championship match finish either 1st or 2nd and advance to state. Those in Consolation Semi-Finals advance to 3rd/4th Place match with win and are likely going to state.  If they lose they may have a chance to wrestle back to 4th and go to state.

Swimming Boy’s finished 3rd in team standings and Girls 4th. I am awaiting individual placers and who has advanced to state, will update when I receive.