Warriors News · Booster Club Sponsorship Letter

Greetings and thank you for your past support and commitment to our Lebanon Athletics Booster Club. Your support as a sponsor and member has impacted hundreds of lebanon athletes and the facilities that represent our community in Lebanon. We can’t thank you enough for your involvement and look forward to your contiuning participation.

This past year was an amazing year and our club enjoyed growth in both membership and reveneues generated as well as dollars invested into Lebanon Athletic programs and capital improvements. Our board strives to ensure that every dollar generatred is returned to high school and feeder athletic programs throughout the community.

Looking back in 2018 our club generated over $105000 in total income. 97% of total income was used to provide athletic program grants, concession worker grants, purchase of new equipement such as sound system for gym and new equipment for both concession stands at the football field and gymnaisum, as well as website enhancements. Only 3% of booster budget is used for accounting fees, insurance coverage and member related events. Our club currently has 60 members, 43 are sponsors and 17 members. Our club also has exceeded just over $15000 in edowment funds.

2019 will be another opporunity for our club to grow and provide impact. Our club continues to focus on excellence. Our granting process has been enhanced and will require collaboration with programs that receive grants. Expecations that progams give back to the community are in place and kids are involved learning to give back to those that are providing resouces for them. Our club will also be debuting a concession bus that will provide for sports not in the gym or football field, improving fan options and generating more revenue for our kids programs.

Other services provided this past year and going forward are bookeeping services that enable our feeder programs to operate within fiscal control and compliance. The booster club also provides resources for money management for capital improvements such as the turf projects at the softball and baseball fields. You as a sponsor will contine to see your dollars respsonsibly invested in kids and capital improvements. Again, we are blessed to have so many in our communty participate.

In closing, we hope to see you at one of our events this year. We will be having our homcoming steak BBQUE the 5th of October at the west end of the football Field. January 19th we will be having a Casino night at the Boys and Girls Club, and June 17th we will be taking a trip on the Santiam Train Excursion with coaches and administration. Please plan on attending. Also, please use www.lebanonwarriorathletics.com as we continue to improve our web presence and tools for communcation.

Thanks again for your support and GO WARRIORS!


Booster Board

President                     Doug Phillips

Vice Chair                    Tre Kennedy

Treasure                      Nick Brooks

Superintendent           Bo Yates

AD                               Kraig Hoene


Board Members:

Molly Knuth                             Duane Walker

Jody Sipos                                Shane Voderstrause

Cammie Bender                        Casey Humphry

Garry Jones                              Brian Vandetta

Tim Klient