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Concepts 4-6 of what mentally strong people no not do

Again, this list is adapted from the book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” 4.) Mentally strong people don’t waste energy on things they cannot control. You won’t hear a mentally strong baseball player complaining about the umpire, or the weather conditions, or the field conditions. Instead they focus on what they can control in

What must we BE if we want to HAVE exceptional things or results?

Two weeks ago I shared my new favorite thought. It is this: “We must Be before we Do, we must Do before we have.” The principle I gathered from this is that if we want good things, we must be of such character that attracts good things. You may even think of this as we

Varsity Baseball Schedule is Posted

The Cleveland game has been moved to Friday March 27. We now have two games Spring Break. We play Willamette at home Thursday and Cleveland away on Friday.

Boy’s Basketball adds games

Jan 10th the JV2 and Varsity will host Putnam at LHS, game times 5:30 and 7:00   Jan 20th JV basketball will be traveling to McLaren, game time TBD.

“You must be before you do, you must do before you have.”

“You must be before you can do, you must do before you can have.” I read this quote recently in one of my daily studies. I have fallen in love with it because I believe it captures the process we must follow in order to have what we want in life. We all have wants,

Baseball workouts to begin January 6.

Optional baseball workouts will begin after school on Monday Jan 6 for anyone not currently out for a sport. We will go 3 to 4 days a week. We will work on getting our arms in shape and strengthened. We will also work defensive skills and hitting. Meet in the men’s locker room after school.

Attack Angle and Timing

The bat is the light brown/tan circle and the other circle is the ball. The blue dashed line is the path that the ball travels. The dashed red line is the path of the bat. The numbers in the ”  ” are the attack angle of the bat. This diagram then suggests that a 4-12

Booster Club December 2019 Newsletter

Topics include a letter from the Booster Club President Doug Phillips, How to Sign up for Alerts on the Booster Site, Upcoming Events, Photos, and Membership info. Click the below link to view the December 2019 Newsletter: Booster Club Dec 19

LBCC offering hitting classes

RoadRunner Baseball Winter Hitting Clinics Dates: (Each Date is 1 session) Week 1: NOV 18, 19, 20, 21 Time: 4pm-5:15pm Week 2: NOV 25, 26, 27 Time: 4pm-5:15pm Week 3: DEC 2, 3, 4, 5 Time: 4pm-5:15pm Age: 6th-12th Grade Cost: $30 per session (Max 12 campers per session) Where: Dick McClain Field – Batting